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Generally, Catamaran binary-hulled sailing and powered boats were developed for sport and recreation. Its design is grounded on a raft of two logs bridged by planks. Especially Catboats were over to 21.3 measures (70 bases) long, firstly sculled by numerous men and used for visiting in war and disquisition. 

We’ve been wanting to get aboard a St. Francis catamaran for a while now. They’re a lesser-known catamaran brand, but they build serious bluewater cruisers meant to sail the world in luxury. It seems that most of the catamarans we really like are built in South Africa, and this is no exceptionRead more

Types of Catamarans

Leopard Catboat

In 1991, John Robertson and Jerry Caine started a boatyard at Woodstock in the cities of Cape Town in South Africa. Significantly, Leopard Catboat was born from the duty request Robertson & Cain was briefed to design. Even though they make specially designed yachts for The Moorings.  Especially a Global duty company 6 times latterly, the company fanned out into developing catamarans for Private use. Although in 2000 the Leopard brand was born. Lex Raas jumped the boat from the Beneteau and came as functional director accelerating the growth of the company.

Leopard Catamaran’s History

  • 1997 – Leopard 45 
  • 1998 – Leopard 38
  • 2000 – Leopard 47
  • 2001 – Leopard 42
  • 2003 – Leopard 62
  • 2004 – Leopard 40, 43
  • Leopard 46
  • 2009 Leopard 38
  • 2010 Leopard 39, 44
  • 2012 Leopard 48, 58
  • Leopard 40
  • 2016 Leopard 45
  • 2018 Leopard 50
  • 2020 Leopard 42

Leopard 50 Guided Tour and Feature with New Interior

Lagoon Catboat

Lagoon Catboats are number 1 in the world further navigating the world’s abysses than any other catamaran brand. Generally, with a range of 40- 78ft in both sailing catamarans and motor yachts. Although there is the perfect Lagoon for everyone. Furthermore, Lagoon catamarans are further than the numerous awards they’ve won or the number of boats ended worldwide. A story of product development quality construction and superb after deals service. As a result a worldwide community of happy possessors living their dream.

The new Lagoon 51 has set sail.

Seawind Catboat

The narrower housing designs cut through the water efficiently. Generally, getting you to your destination briskly and the lines and controls are led back to the cockpit. Finally optimizing these boats for solo or short-handed operation. Even though the only binary helm design in the world that offers unexampled protection from the harsh sun, rain, and wind. In other words, it is located behind a major bulkhead. For this reason, the panoramic windows give you complete visibility and the inflexibility to steer from either side of the boat.

Sailing the Seawind 1260

Outremer Catamaran

Combining the unique know- style of our talented French workers and the experience accumulated from millions of long hauls traveled, Outremer helps you make your dream come true from launch to finish from the description of your design to erecting the windjammer of your dreams. therefore, when getting an Outremer proprietor, you admit all the support you need in order to ensure your experience onboard is a success. Our medication package includes a chops assessment, training courses, forums to prepare for ocean cruising, and much further.

Preparing for your Blue-Water Cruising Journey with Outremer

Catamaran Aircraft Carrier

Russia is building the world’s first catamaran aircraft carrier. Russia’s light aircraft carrier will feature a semi-catamaran hull, a representative of the Krylov Scientific Center told the Russian news agency TASS. Catamaran actually means two hulls united by a platform. It has a wide deck which is significant for an aircraft carrier. The design adds flight deck space on which the number of aircraft depends. Consequently, a medium-displacement ship can carry a full-fledged air wing.”

Russia’s ship design bureau comes up with the catamaran aircraft carrier concept

Alaska Catamaran

Alaskan Aluminum Power Catamarans specializes in the design and structure of aluminum, powerboat help, and outboard-powered catamarans; producing a welded aluminum boat specifically designed for operating in our rugged Alaskan terrain. This design helps to further ameliorate the catamaran idea; preparing for and mollifying chop entering the lair for a smoother lift at speed, as well as minimizing drag, adding energy effectiveness, and range.

Sailing Alaska

Aquila Catamaran

With over 40 times of manufacturing experience and the collaboration of multiple award-winning enterprises and contrivers, Aquila Power Catamarans is the world leader in producing high-quality, innovative filled, and exceptionally performing power catamarans. No other vessels on the earth offer more features, trustability, continuity, and value than our world-class lineup delivers, from the coastal Aquila 28 Molokai up to the flagship Aquila 70 Luxury Power Catamaran. Aquila’s rapid-fire growth and global success have challenged our transnational design and engineering brigades to rise to elevated prospects. Every model embodies the dependable features and construction styles used in the hundreds of Aquilas cruising the world moment. Check out Aquila’s boats and yachts below to start your trip.

All-New Aquila 54

Aventura Catamaran

Since its creation in the early 2000s, Aventura Catamarans has specialized in compound design and construction. Historically, a builder of light sailing catamarans for littoral camping, Aventura Catamarans has seen its range grow over the years. It was in 2007 that Aventura Catamarans began its first modeling and launched its first model entirely designed by the dockyard, the Aventura 20. Three times latterly, it’s the turn of the Aventura 33 to see the day. From 33 bases completely developed by the point design office, Aventura Catamarans confirms its invention and modeling chops. Only 2 times latterly, it was in 2012 that the construction point continues its growth and launches the Aventura 43. 

Aventura 44 – Worlds Cheapest 44-Foot Catamaran

Antares Catamaran

Antares doesn’t offer a choice between duty and proprietor’s interpretation, to do so would undermine the coastal integrity of the housing design. It is not just for blend parties. Handcrafted in Buenos Aires, Argentina by 40 Grados Sur, Antares Catamarans are the world’s stylish live-aboard sailing catamarans. Whether your plans are to go sailing along the eastern seacoast of the United States and the Caribbean or to circumnavigate the globe, Antares Catamarans can take you there without any concession to comfort, livability, or safety.

Antares 44i – Liveaboard Catamaran Tour

Bahamas Catamaran

Bahamas Catamaran Charters specializes in private, luxury multi-day, and single-day sailing exemptions in the girding Bahamas islets of Nassau, Exumas, and Eleuthera/ Harbour Island. Guests enjoy stirring sailing recesses in the Bahamas.

Bali Catamaran

Bali presents a wide range of catamarans, from the practical BALI Catspace to the flagship BALI5.4, and also features a top-of-the-line motor catamaran the BALI 4.3, and Bali Catspace MY. All BALI catamarans are characterized by innovative results, large inner and external open spaces, a great position of tone adequacy, high figure quality, low relegation, and a great forward cockpit with a sundeck.

2020 BALI 5.4 Sailing Catamaran

Balance Catamaran

Following the product of the 421 and 451 in China, Balance Catamarans was relaunched by Phillip Berman, Jonathan Paarman, Anton Du Toit, and Roger Hill. Even so with a charge to make the ultimate blue water cruising catamaran’s presto and safe yachts. Finally, it can carry decent cargo that is comfortable to sail and live aboard.

Philip Berman Reviews

Philip Berman traces the roots or at least the idea for the company back to 1979. The Hobie pussycats for the races were erected in South Africa which lead to the launch of what’s now a booming ecosystem in the country catamaran manufacturing. Therefore Hobie pussycats were ended to original mariners after the crowns and this fueled a growing community of catamaran suckers in South Africa.

B526 Mark II XP

Dart 18 Catboat

The Dart 18 was designed and erected by Panthercraft, which was formed in 1969. The veritably first Dart 18, designed and erected- in Falmouth, Cornwall, is now possessed by the National Maritime Museum Cornwall. Since 2012, Windsport International holds the worldwide license to make the Dart 18.

Dart 18 Promo

F50 Catboat

The F50 is a one-design beating catamaran used in the SailGP race series. The F50s are acclimated from the AC50s used in America’s Cup, with variations including new control systems and modular sect cruises. The F50s are one of the fastest racing classes in history, with a prognosticated top speed of 52.2 knots (96.6 km/ h, 60 mph). 

Three AC50s from the 2017 America’s Cup were converted to misbehave with the F50 one-design rule.  They produce the new Sail GP line racing circuit. For the 2020 Sail GP crown, the Spain Sail GP platoon used the F50 of the China SailGP platoon after their departure.

All About the F50 Catamaran

Gemini Catboat

It is made in America in 1981, and the Gemini Legacy has proven to be the most family-friendly performance cruising catamaran in the world. As far as hauled out of the water with a standard-size trip lift and kept in a standard-size slip. Going no further than an average mid-size monohull, the Gemini Legacy 35 has further interior volume than the utmost 40- bottom monohulls. Imagine moving on at wind speed with nearly no heeling. . Plus, with the upgraded machine option, you can get home hastily after sailing too.
Affordable.All the reasons this boat has been an American heritage since 1981. The Gemini Legacy 35 is the most successful cruising catboat ever erected.

2020 Gemini Legacy boat tour

Catboat X5

The Xquisite X5 Sail catamarans are erected in Cape Town, South Africa, by a platoon of largely educated catamaran builders. The well-appointed catamaran enables expansive blue water cruising for couples or families. Likewise to high-viscosity froth core and vacuum invested epoxy resin, erected to CE and order A coastal instrument. 

50′ Xquisite X5 Catamaran

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