Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World

Statue of Liberty FerryLiberty Enlightening The World

“The Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World” was a gift of fellowship from the people of France to the United States. It is honored as a universal symbol of freedom and a republic. The Statue of Liberty was dedicated on October 28, 1886. It was designated as a National Monument in 1924, and workers of the National Park Service have been minding for the colossal copper statue since 1933.

Statue of Liberty National Monument and Ellis Island


What’s Open?

  •  The grounds of Liberty Island
  •  The Statue of Liberty Museum and theater
  •  The Statue of Liberty Pedestal (with reservations). Includes access to the pedestal deck and the top of Fort Wood
  •  Audio tenures (included in the price of your ticket)
  •  Crown Café is open
  •  Public restrooms
  •  Ellis Island and the National Museum of Immigration

What is Not Open?

Statue of Liberty crown access Liberty Island Information Center (open for exigency medical services)

Statue of Liberty Crown Access remains closed and will be part of a later reopening phase.

What is Different?

The health and safety of our callers and our workers is our loftiest precedence so we’ve modified our operations to help stop the spread of COVID- 19.

Various elements of the park experience are:

  • Ferry tickets are only available at a specific time of departure.
  • Controlled, one-directional access and queuing lines for the ferry departure security webbing, gift shop, and food services.
  • Social distancing bottom labels and signs have been posted.
  • Enhanced and frequent disinfecting of all public spaces and shells.
  • Hand sanitizing stations are located in the food service common areas.

Working nearly with the NPS Office of Public Health, the demesne is using CDC guidance to ensure public areas and workspaces are safe and clean for callers, workers, mates, and levies.

We explosively encourage callers to make advanced marking reservations at to avoid marking ranges in Battery Park, NY, or Liberty State Park, NJ.

Plan Like a Ranger | Top Ten Tips For Your Visit To the Statue of Liberty

Are you planning a trip to the Statue of Liberty National Monument this summer? Check out these top ranger tips for a fun, safe, and indelible trip.

1. Got Tickets? Avoid the line. Get your tickets and check the ferry schedule ahead of time at Statue City sails.

2. Check Our Website again on the day of your visit for any last-nano second demesne cautions.

3. Download the App the new National Park Service app is available through the Apple Store and Google Play.

4. Wear Comfortable Footwear. Be set to be on your bases durable, close-toed footwear is encouraged! Mobility enterprises? Check out our Physical Mobility runner.

5. Pack Light. There aren’t any places for you to store your particular things while you visit the islet, and you may prefer not to be counted down with redundant effects as you explore the demesne.

6. The before the Better. lower crowds and shorter delay times can make your visit more pleasurable. Also, coming before the day means you will have further time to explore. Taking the autumn ferries allows access to only one islet.

7. Dress for Success. Wind? Sun? Rain? Check the rainfall. What you’re wearing will impact your comfort and enjoyment of the islets.

8. Pick A Meeting Spot. Cell phone service can be spotty out then.

9. Don’t Miss the Boat! You’ll be going through field-style security before boarding the ferry. Arrive 15-20 twinkles before your asked ferry departure time and look over our list of banned particulars ahead of your visit.

10. Family Connections. Check out this link to the American Family Immigration History Center to see hours of operation on Ellis Island and to discover tips for searching emigrant records.

Visiting the Pedestal

Plan Your Visit to the Pedestal

Visiting the pedestal is a great addition to any trip to the Statue of Liberty. Access to the pedestal requires reservations. There are 215 ways or roughly 10 stories to climb to the top of the pedestal.

The last entry to the pedestal is 3:30 p.m.

Reserve Your Pedestal Tickets

Due to its fashionability, access to the pedestal is limited and requires reservations. Statue City sails are the sanctioned source for pedestal reservations as well as the company that provides ferry transportation to the islet. Advanced reservations may be made online or by telephone. Pedestal reservations aren’t available on Liberty Island.

Picking Up Your Pedestal Reservations

Pedestal tickets can be published out at home or picked up at the ticket office will-call window at either Battery Park, New York, or Liberty State Park, New Jersey by the ticket purchaser. When picking up the tickets, the purchaser must show a print ID and the same credit card used to reserve the tickets.

Pedestal tickets are for a specific date and time. The ticket will have the time to enter the security installation published on it. Callers with pedestal tickets must enter before 4:30 p.m.

Arriving on Statue of Liberty Island

The entrance to the pedestal is located at the secondary webbing structure behind the Statue of Liberty. Those with pedestal reservations must first show their tickets to the demesne rangers at the entrance. All callers (except for children youngish than four times old) must show valid pedestal tickets. The National Park Service appreciates your cooperation during this process.

Locker Rentals

These things aren’t authorized inside the pedestals

– Food and Drinks

– Packs and Drawstring bags (including pocketbooks shaped like packs)

– Wallets, duffle bags, and large bags

– Strollers

– Laptop Computers

-Long screens

– Tripods

Lockers are located near the secondary webbing structure and bear a 25 ¢ deposit( diggings only). The locker Size is roughly 12″ x 12″ x 18″ and there are change machines available for$ 1 and$ 5 bills.

Visiting The Museum

A New Way to Witness Liberty

In May 2019, Lady Liberty’s heritage expanded with the opening of the Statue of Liberty Museum. Housed within the Statue of Liberty Museum are three interactive galleries that tell the statue’s history in study-provoking ways. Each gallery is designed to inspire callers. The gallery replaced a small exhibition inside the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty and allows millions of callers to enjoy the Statue of Liberty experience and be inspired by the iconic statue.

The Immersive Theater is a dramatic 10-nanosecond multimedia experience. Highlights of the donation include the rich story of the statue’s origins and a virtual cover inside the statue.

Engagement Gallery

In this gallery, callers explore what took place as sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi and a platoon of crafters erected the statue. Multimedia displays elicit the feeling of being inside the plant allowing callers to see the elaborate process of the Statue of Liberty’s design, fabrication, and construction.

Inspiration Gallery

In this space, callers reflect upon what they’ve seen and endured in the gallery. Callers may validate their visit and express their views by adding a tone- portrayal which will be added to a digital collage called getting Liberty. Through the glass walls that compass the gallery, callers can enjoy panoramic views of Lady Liberty and the New York City skyline.

The Roof Sundeck

This area atop the gallery has an accessible rooftop from which callers may take in broad views of the iconic statue and New York Harbor. Be Advised Museum rooftop may be closed due to a variety of tempestuous rainfall conditions.

Rehabilitating the Walls of Fort Wood

What’s passing?

We’re rehabilitating,000 square bases of determinedness on the walls of Fort Wood. This design includes minor cleaning, masonry repairs similar to fixing cracks, doctoring, and resetting blocks; and installing new mortar in the joints between blocks.

Why are we doing this Design?

Fort Wood is an eleven-refocused, star-shaped stronghold erected between 1808 and 1811 as part of New York’s harbor defense system. Being over 200 times old, the stronghold has demanded periodic conservation as it has survived storms and seawater. This design is the rearmost illustration of that conservation.

Worsening and missing mortar throughout the determinedness façade is the most concerning issue demanding treatment moment. The mortar’s poor condition allows rainwater to blunder inside the stronghold and causes the determinedness to deteriorate at a rapid-fire rate. Another important issue that needs addressing, is the poor condition of some of the gravestones. On the top of the stronghold’s walls sit large, heavy blocks called managing monuments.

The demesne’s literal resource specialists are working with engineers, masterminds, and masonry defacers to make sure these repairs are in keeping with the stronghold’s character and appearance. While Fort Wood is overall in good condition, this design will ensure the structure stands strong.

How will this Design Impact Your Visit?

Liberty Island will remain open during the recuperation trouble, but because the design takes place at the base of the Statue of Liberty, there will probably be no avoiding the noise and visual intrusion of construction exertion during your visit. You’ll see large outfits around Fort Wood and you may hear sayings and other outfits operating.

We understand that this design may impact your experience at the Statue of Liberty. Our thing is to save Fort Wood the stylish as we can so that unborn generations may enjoy this emotional and important structure.

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